In the past, valet operations would use pen and paper ticketing systems to keep track of cars coming in and out. However, that system is not perfect as customers could file false damage claims or employees were able to commit fraud more easily.

The valet parking industry is competitive, and you need to stand out from the competition by constantly innovating. That is where O-Valet comes in. We created a cloud-based software that helps reduce damage claims and employee fraud. Nowadays, many individuals have a mobile phone, so guests can choose to receive an SMS text message that includes information on how to pay for their vehicle. Going paperless is not only good for the environment but also good for your valet parking business because it reduces false claims and employee theft, which improves revenue.

Decrease false damage claims from customers

Details such as the name of the guest and the date of their departure is logged into the system. The driver is also able to note down the car’s condition to prevent false claims from guests in regards to damage. In addition to that, with O-Valet Eye, the HD cameras can capture a 360 degree view of every vehicle and upload these photos to the cloud. That means your business will have before and after photographs of every car handled by your drivers. As a result, using O-Valet and the various features on hand will decrease the chances of customers filing false damage claims. 

Reduce employee theft and fraud

Your business can go paperless with O-Valet. Valet drivers are able to issue an SMS ticket to guests and log the vehicle into the system. The name of the valet driver and the actions he or she takes is also recorded to ensure total accountability, so valet drivers cannot steal from their employers. What is more, you can integrate O-Valet with gate arms to control entry and exit. Since the ticket has to be scanned in order for the gate arm to open, this eliminates ticket skimming from your valet operation.

Increase revenue by lowering operating expenses

Cut down on operating expenses and boost your revenue with O-Valet. After all, using a pen and paper ticketing system is costly and can lead to many problems for your valet parking business. Instead, switch to a valet automation software to save money on paper. Better yet, O-Valet allows you to create custom reports to track different metrics in relation to your business. You’re able to track labour as there is an employee attendance system built-in to the software, providing insights on staff productivity. We offer fully automated payment and request kiosks, which enables your business to serve your guests even when employees aren’t working.

O-Valet is based in Toronto, Canada, but we assist businesses in North America, South America, Central America, and the Middle East. Industries we serve include hotels, airports, casinos, shopping malls, hospitals, residential buildings, commercial venues, and restaurants. We can have you up and running in a matter of days regardless of the size of your valet parking operation.   

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