What is condo valet parking software?

Taking the expertise of valet professionals and software engineers, we created O-Valet. The app is perfect for valet businesses in any industry from hotels to hospitals and everything in between. If you run a condo valet operation, you can use automated software for a seamless tenant experience. 

The valet parking industry is changing, and it is more competitive than ever before. As such, you need to innovate to stand out from the competition. Many valet businesses and condos rely on a pen and paper ticketing system, which isn’t effective. After all, people can lose or misplace tickets. It’s expensive to buy large quantities of paper tickets and pay for shipping every few months. With O-Valet, your condo can go completely paperless because you have the option of issuing SMS tickets, or adhesive “forever” valet tickets on the resident’s door. Transient visitors can receive plastic tickets, which are more eco-friendly than paper ones. Even better for residents, you can affix adhesive barcodes to each of their vehicles, which becomes their “forever” valet ticket. One resident can have multiple vehicles under their account, which they can request for at any time using O-Valet’s app. No more paper, no more hassle.

We also make it easy for you to track employee performance and maintain excellent customer service. You can generate reports with in-depth metrics to better understand how your condo is doing at any given time. Even if there is only one staff per building.

How does valet parking software work for condo residents? 

  1. Residents are issued an adhesive barcode which is then permanently affixed to the inside door jamb (near the VIN sticker), or on the corner of the vehicle’s windshield. This becomes their permanent valet ticket. They are given a username and password and access to the O-Valet app, which they can use to request for their vehicle at any time, even if they are upstairs in their suite. If they own multiple vehicles, each vehicle can then be added to one profile in the O-Valet app.
  2. On arrival back home at the condo, the valet driver greets them and scans their permanent valet tag. The valet then takes the keys and parks the car. The key is secured, and the parking spot of the vehicle is logged into the system. Reports will then show how quickly and efficiently each driver parks each car on average. O-Valet also integrates with existing entry and exit gates to guarantee only resident vehicles can be parked.
  3. On departure, residents are able to request their car in advance from their suite through the O-Valet app, at a kiosk, or in-person with security or valet. That way, they don’t have to wait in the lobby to retrieve their vehicle every time.

How does valet parking software work for condo visitors? 

  1. Visitors will check-in when they arrive at the condo. Our app allows your valet operation to send an SMS message rather than relying on paper tickets. Reusable plastic tickets are also an option for those without a smartphone. The valet attendant will be able to log information about the vehicle’s condition before moving it. Every action taken is recorded in the system to maintain total accountability. This reduces the chances of employee fraud and false damage claims. 
  2. The driver will park the car. The key is secured, and the location of the vehicle gets logged into the system. You can see how quickly and efficiently drivers are parking cars. What is more, you can eliminate ticket skimming by setting up entry and exit gates in your condo valet operation.
  3. Visitors are able to request their car in advance from the condo suite through our app, at a kiosk, or in-person at valet or security. If payment is due, O-Valet integrates with any payment processor to take payment directly on the app. Once paid, the vehicle is requested and visitors don’t have to wait to retrieve their vehicle.

Why use condo valet parking software?

  • Your operation can save money by going paperless. Transient guests and residents are able to receive an SMS with instructions, and even the ability to pay online. Reusable plastic tickets are also an option for residents who do not own a phone. 
  • Eliminate false damage claims from transients with O-Valet Eye, our custom-built camera station for taking high-resolution photos of the condition of each car. 
  • O-Valet offers many hardware solutions from gate-arm and payment machines to weather-proof access control systems, and more. All of which can integrate with your existing hardware.
  • Set up automated payment kiosks to increase accessibility, take payment for visitors, and eliminate a concierge role in the lobby.
  • The software integrates with existing payroll systems as well as your existing condo PMS. If the condo is part of a hotel, O-Valet integrates fully with Oracle’s Opera PMS (5.x and Cloud), Hilton’s OnQ, Agilysys rGuest Stay, and many others. 

About O-Valet

Based in Toronto, Canada with offices in Florida and Dubai, we have helped condominiums and valet operations on every continent. Our team can adapt our software to suit the needs and goals of our clients. We are able to implement O-Valet in a matter of days instead of weeks. It doesn’t matter how big or small your condo valet operation is, we can work with you to optimize the entire process. 

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