Cashless Valet Payment

Moving Away From Cash Sales in the Valet Industry

Around the world, businesses are moving further away from accepting cash and more towards electronic payment options than ever before. Since many (if not most) consumers are already accustomed to the “tap-to-pay” option (via credit or debit) at most retail stores, this shouldn’t come as a surprise though. Not to mention the negative thoughts many of us have when it comes to taking out cash from an ATM and carrying loose change afterwards.

Despite how easy it has become to tap away and lose track of our spending, the simplicity and luxury of tapping your card, phone, or even watch explains why so many businesses are finally deciding to eliminate cash transactions altogether.

In a post-COVID world where the concern for transmission of viruses has been heightened by many, the desire for electronic payment options has become the new norm for consumers and businesses alike. This is made even more obvious by the fact that some credit card companies including Visa and Mastercard even increased their tap limits from the usual $100 to as high as $250.

How might this affect the valet parking industry?

Online Valet Payment

Some valet operations solely accepted cash and until now, did not accept other methods of payments. Accepting cash was a good way for the valet operator to avoid paying any surcharges or fees for their transactions, however, operating a valet business like this just wouldn’t make sense today.

For this reason, a technology like O-Valet is the perfect solution to manage online payment for any valet operation.

How can valet operators easily upgrade their business to meet today’s growing demand for contactless and cashless payment solutions?

In many cases, valet operators wanting to expand their clientbase need to bring something unique to the table. Like with many other businesses, this unique thing can be what sets your company apart from your competitors.

Today, the most common thing brought to the table by most, if not all valet operators, is valet parking management software. Tech is crucial when it comes to mitigating damage claims revenue collection, accurate reporting and increased efficiency which in hand leads to increased customer satisfaction.

O-Valet can help in a variety of ways, but most importantly we want to keep you, your staff and your customers safe.

O-Valet prides itself in being able to integrate with any payment processor, thus allowing your customers to pay via credit or debit online using our app, a mobile website, or a kiosk that can be setup in any entrance or lobby.

Valet Payment Kiosk

To make things even easier, our app will save your guest’s credit card on-file so they never have to enter their payment details on each subsequent visit. This solution will ensure the health and safety of your staff and guests as no physical interaction would be required upon time for the guest to request and pay for their valet parking charge.

Let O-Valet help your business keep running smooth. Ask us today about our other methods of offering a contactless valet experience.

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